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Executive Profiles Inc.

Our CEO is the go-to headhunter for fashion's biggest brands.


Executive Profiles, Inc. specializes in staffing solutions in the Fashion and Apparel Industry. We provide a full range of employment assistance and offer a complete and varied portfolio of services.


Our approach to staffing is based on a deep understanding of our clients business and needs. We utilize our proven process and extensive database of industry contacts to effectively identify the most desirable individuals.


Personalized service and more involvement at every stage of the process is our standard. We feel confident in meeting and exceeding all client expectations and do so by forming personal relationships to pick the best candidate for each position.



Retail Positions 

☞ Divisional Merchandise Planners

☞ Inventory Control Managers

☞ Director of Human Resources

☞ Marketing

☞ Chief Financial Officer

☞ Director of Real Estate

 Regional Store Managers

☞ Store Managers

Wholesale Positions

☞ Graphic Artist

☞ Junior Woven’s Designer

☞ Designers

☞ Infant, Kids, Newborn Designers

☞ Merchandisers- Junior Apparel

☞ Product Development 

☞ Production

☞ Retail Planners

☞ Junior Planners  

☞ Women Designers

☞ Technical Designs

☞ VP OF Sales

☞ VP OF Merchandising

 VP of Human Resources

☞ Human Resources







Executive Profiles specializes in the representation of corporate professionals in the fashion industry.
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